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  Training Programs


Public Seminars
They are offered to individuals and business representatives on a regular basis (see Calendar). They are organized in Supec's training centers or in hotel forums.

Managerial Seminars
Helping managers and professionals become greater achievers:
  • Effective Negotiation
  • Developing Leadership Potential
  • Management Skills for SMI / SME
  • Mental Iron (coaching for managers)
  • Turning the Key to Success: Teamwork 

Financial Markets Seminars
Organized in partnership with the Paris Bourse School, in collaboration with Yves Danbakli Consulting, these seminars offer the possibility of a practical introduction to financial markets as well as the opportunity of furthering existing knowledge into more advanced areas.
Initiation Cycle

  • The Options School
  •  Technical Analysis
  • Warrants
  • The Bourse Workshops 

Sales & Marketing Seminars

  • High Octane Selling
  • Marketing Power

Communication & Customer Service Seminars

  • Putting organizations and individuals onto a winning communicative track
  • One-to-One Communication Skills
  • Excellence in Service Leadership

Assistantship & Personal Development Seminars

  • The Executive Assistant
  • Time Management

Accounting & Finance Courses

Three-month courses for a professional grasp of these essential tools for success

Computer Training
Short courses for beginners or advanced. In all cases, to enable businesses and individuals ride the tech wave

  • Introduction to Windows, Word & Excel
  • Intermediate Windows, Word & Excel
  • Advanced Windows, Word & Excel, Introduction to PowerPoint and Internet
  • Graphic Design


  • Business English
  • Business French

Tailored Programs
These are designed according to specific customer needs. Their program is usually set after an audit of the training problem to be solved. This could also require interviews with some of the individuals to be trained and with company’s management.

The topics covered by Supec Training are all those related to business skills, knowledge and know-how (the Standard programs offered in public seminars give a good but not thorough idea of the topics that could be developed in Tailor-made training).

SALES & MARKETING, a 3-month course  

  • Sharpen Sales & Marketing techniques
  • Win customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Increase sales thru more effective negotiation
  • Achieve more on personal and team levels

The 117-hour modular course includes 13 nine-hour independent Modules: 

  • Fruitful Client Prospecting & Interviewing - Powerful Oral & Written Communication  
  • Winning Deals with Difficult Customers - Time & Priorities Management
  • Negotiation Skills & Strategies - Advanced Word, Internet & Infotech
  • Client Portfolio Management - Customer Service & Relationship
  • Sales & Team Management - Advanced Excel, Database & CRM
  • Marketing for Sales - Accounting & Budgeting - Strategic & Profit Marketing.

For Schedule of modules and courses, visit the Calendar section.

For General Conditions of all 3-month courses, click here


EXECUTIVE ASSISTANCE, a 3-month course

  • Communicate clearly & efficiently
  • Master modern office technologies
  • Think creatively and act assertively
  • Manage office activities and projects

The 117-hour course includes 13 nine-hour independent Modules:

  • Vital Telephone & Reception Skills - Powerful Oral & Written Communication Advanced Business Correspondence - Time & Priorities Management
  • Filing & Archiving Management -  Advanced Word, Internet & Infotech
  • Managing & Administering Activities - Customer Service & Relationship
  • Managing Team Projects - Advanced Excel, Database & CRM
  • Planning, Controlling & Follow-up - Accounting & Budgeting
  • Comprehensive Executive Skills.  

For Schedule of modules and courses, visit the Calendar section.

For General Conditions of all 3-month courses, click here

ACCOUNTING - FINANCE, a 3-month course
  • Link business decisions with financial issues
  • Read and understand financial documents
  • Guide decisions thru costing and budgeting
  • competing projects and financial alternatives

The 108-hour modular course includes 10 independent Modules:

  • From Operations to Financial Reports - End of Year Accounting Operations     
  • Result-oriented Inventory Management - Dynamic Receivables & Payables Management  
  • Costing at the Service of Performance - Planning & Budgeting, the Future Ahead 
  • Financial Analysis for Business Growth - New Projects Evaluation
  • Business Financing & Rewards Investing - Accounting for Corporate Life .

For Schedule of modules and courses, visit the Calendar section.

For General Conditions of all 3-month courses, click here

General conditions applying to 3-month modular courses

After successful completion of a 3-month Complete Course, participants receive a Completion Certificate from Supec.

Courses are offered in the evening. Language of training is English / French. (see calendar for schedules and costs).


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