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  BA Univ. Québec (UQAC Canada)

Program accepted by CEC & University of Québec - UQAC allowing the preparation , under certain conditions and at distance of the  Bachelor (BA) in Business Administration of UQAC.



  • The main objective of these studies is to prepare students for business professional life. Their focus is on the corporate job market needs. They use active teaching methods (cases and simulations) to develop knowledge, know-how and decision-making capabilities.
  • Program trains students for the school’s private degree (Pigier or Supec and Pigier France) the Lebanese official exams - TS (for academic or technical bac holders joining the 1st year and for students accepted directly in the 2nd year after a successful 1st year TS)
  • a continuation of studies in Supec – Lebanon or in partner universities in France (Maîtrise, Master’s) or Canada (Master’s).
  • The program also allows students to prepare at distance and under certain conditions for the Bachelor (BA) in Business Administration of University of Québec – UQAC.
  • N.B.: in the present Lebanese regulatory environment, all foreign school or university degrees delivered by a school or university to an off-campus student cannot obtain Lebanese equivalence.


Program duration is

  • 4 years (preparatory + 3 years) for students who have successfully completed a Commercial Sciences BT 2nd year or have completed their 3rd year secondary without obtaining their Bac; the preparatory year is based on the program of the Commercial Sciences Bac (3rd year)
  • 3 years for academic or technical bac holders; 3 years also for students having completed high school (they should be older than 21 on the August 31st preceding their admission and demonstrate the required experience and knowledge)
  • 2 years for students having successfully completed a university or TS first year (with acceptable grades)

Courses are organized in a Credit System. They are taught in English or French. Whenever possible, students can choose to study in the morning time or in the afternoon / evening. Before graduation, 16 weeks of internship must have been completed. An internship report must be submitted.


Program courses depend on the chosen major. For details, please refer to the Business Management or Business Computer sheets.

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